Saturday, March 6, 2010

New space for creating

Hi, stampers. I have been trying to organize my new stamping area. It's not huge, but it's all mine!

I have a large and a small storage cabinet, punch storage (yes it is a dollar store curtain rod), and some great basket drawers to hold my big shot dies. There's even a nice wooden top on the basket drawers for the Big Shot itself. Oh! And some cardstock storage. I didn't take a full picture of my personal crafting space because my table was a big mess just like it is most of the time. Of course, I always say that a clean work area is a sign of a non-productive stamper. If only the messy space meant I'd been productive!!!

The other thing I haven't finished is putting my butterflies on the walls. I have a few on the tall cabinet, but the rest are waiting for me to get them scattered around the room. I love butterflies and I love red. What could be better than a stamping room with red butterflies? Well, maybe a stamping room with red butterflies and a table! I still have to find one of those, too. Always something! LOL

I'm trying to get it all set up so it will be ready for my first club meeting on the 14th. I'm so excited! I haven't seen some of these ladies in several months. It will be great to get together to stamp again!

I will try to have a project to post for you in the next few days. The list mom on my yahoo group (Late Night Stampers) gave us a challenge to serve 30 people in March. I'm going to try to send out more cards. I've sent 3 birthday cards and two sympathy cards and I have a couple of special cards I need to get ready and mailed.

I still have half of a busy weekend ahead of me. Today was a meeting with my upline, her upline, HER upline and all the connected demos. It was a lot of fun. We visited, learned, ate, laughed, and stamped. Then I was off to get my hair cut. It had been driving me crazy for a couple of weeks and I'd had enough! Then I had just a few errands to run before I got to head home.

I guess I should start on my chores so they aren't all waiting for me tomorrow afternoon! Until next time, remember, if I can stamp, you can, too!

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Margaret Raburn said...

Hi Tory! Your room looks really nice! How exciting to have a space all your own for stamping!